AIDA and its members are more than just the NUMBER 1 beverage alliance, 
we are an Integrated Beverage Intelligence system that is sweeping the nation.


So, we GIVE you the fridge

We DELIVER the fridge

We PROVIDE the beverages

We CLEAN the fridge

We MAINTAIN the fridge

We MARKET the product

We even STOCK the fridge

We’ve made sure that we have fridges that will suit your business.
We have a variety of sizes in an array of styles available, including black or yellow Lipton fridges, Golden Circle ones and our unique Hydration Stations.
Our Hydration Stations, with quirky quotes and funky branding, have knocked expectations out of the park.
All of our fridges are environmentally friendly. These low energy/high output fridges are built to last, with PVC coated shelving and an outer body that is resistant to refrigerant corrosion. The over-door heated airflow reduces fogging and the double-glazing means reduced condensation. These fridges are lockable, have internal LED lights, digital display temperature adjustment and a light-box that allows a variety of display options for merchandising flexibility.


That's why every visit we supply, clean and stock your fridge and make sure they are regularly maintained. We make sure you are getting frequent face-to-face contact with your sales reps and store merchandisers.
We have also made sure that we are in partnership with the leading Australian beverage manufacturers. We know you want a variety of fast moving, quality and trending beverages for your customers.
This is why we are able to offer highly competitive prices on our beverages, which means more profit for you and more in your till at the end of the day.
Our daily deliveries around Australia and our amazing sales team and AIDA members ensure that your fridge is stocked with the fastest moving beverages in Australia.

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